Self Employed Health Insurance Options

If you are one of the 10.3 million people in America who are self employed and need to seek health insurance on your own, the choices can be overwhelming.

Perhaps the first place to start is by determining what you want, what you need, and how much you are willing to spend monthly for such coverage.

Determining this begins by evaluating your health. Write down any health problems you have and who you need to cover with a health insurance policy. Do you frequent the doctor or typically require just an annual exam? Do you regularly use prescription drugs or wear eyeglasses? Are you married, and does you spouse need coverage? Do you have children, and if so, are they of the age that will require them to frequent doctors?

Now that you have this info down on paper, it is time to begin shopping around for health insurance coverage. Finding coverage for yourself without spending a significant percentage of your income can be a challenge.

For the individual seeking self employed health coverage, you are trusting that the coverage you have purchased will satisfactorily cover your medical needs when you need it. Making the wrong choices could cost you much more in premiums than you actually need. Making the wrong choices could also cost you more in out-of-pocket expenses for not having the right amount of coverage.

An insurance professional is familiar with the various health insurance companies and the different plans that they offer. They can prepare a list of available coverage plans and present you with a detailed breakdown that makes deciding upon an insurance company less time-consuming and ultimately more economical.

Working with an insurance professional that specializes in self employed health insurance can help you find an economical plan that will allow you to stay with your current health care provider.

Seeking the help of an independent insurance agent can help you to wade through the choices available. It is your way of arming yourself with mountains of statistics, and ultimately saving yourself money … a lot of money!

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